What is SIP

The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a form of investment scheme offered by companies offering mutual funds. Using SIP, a small amount can be invested regularly (weekly, monthly, quarterly) into a selected mutual fund. SIP provides a well-disciplined and passive investment strategy for institutional investors to build wealth in the long term (using the power of compounding). Since the sum is invested at regular intervals (usually on a monthly basis), the effect of market volatility is also minimized. For your monthly SIP savings, this calculator allows you to measure the wealth gain and projected returns. For every monthly SIP, based on a forecast annual return rate, you get a rough estimate of the maturity level.

Benefits of SIP

You don't have to speculate or rely on market timing (which isn't the best way to produce long-term returns) The amount is invested on a monthly basis, so the volatility of the market has little to no impact (unit cost averaging) A passive and automated approach makes you more dedicated to guaranteed saving/investment (monthly installments can be deducted automatically) It is very versatile - at any time, you can create/update/cancel SIP. Most funds start at as little as Rs 1000 per month.


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Axis Bluechip Fund.
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DSP Midcap Fund. HDFC Small Cap Fund.

What is SIP

A very common question posed by investors who are new to mutual funds is what SIP is. Different individuals will react very differently to the question of what is SIP or what is a systematic investment strategy. But simply speaking, Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) of mutual funds will be able to help you achieve that if you dream of being wealthy and want to work towards it. SIP is a form of investing a fixed sum in a mutual fund scheme annually, monthly or quarterly. SIP enables you to purchase the units of your chosen scheme on the date that you have chosen. Depending on its convenience, an investor may invest a pre-determined fixed sum in a chosen scheme every month or quarter through post-dated cheques or through ECS (auto-debit) facilities.

How does SIP work

Investors must complete the application form and the SIP registration cum mandate form on which they must indicate their choice of the name of the scheme, the number, the frequency and the date of the SIP on which the amount will be deducted from their bank account or the post-dated cheque will be deposited by the AMC and invested in the fund selected. With SIPs becoming increasingly popular, few AMCs have introduced Target SIP and SIP Top-up facilities. SIP purpose enables you to start SIP to save for a future target, while SIP top-up facility enables you to raise your SIP investment sum by a fixed amount half yearly or annually. With SIPs, over a period of time, you can spend a sum as low as Rs 500 per month. This allows you to average your investment price and benefit from the power of compounding. When you remain invested for a long period of time, the power of compounding works best and thus lets your capital earn cash over the years.


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